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“CreateProcess Failed. Check that LLAWP.exe is in your system path”

One more funny thing with LLAWP. If you see http 500 error from your siteminder isapi filter on IIS and there is such error message in a Windows machine event log Failed to Start the LLAWP process. CreateProcess Failed. Check … Continue reading

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LLAWP and reconfiguration of smwebagent.conf

I have written a post some time ago about the LLAWP process and how it could ruin your happy engineer life. There are new news from a front. So again, you have IIS service, Siteminder installed and configured, let’s imagine you need … Continue reading

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Siteminder. Troubleshooting “Failed to send message to the LLAWP.”

Siteminder is a solution for Single Sign On service from CA.  It supports IIS web service. Siteminder can fail due to some wrong configurations or internal errors and prevent an access to your web application. Likely, you will see HTTP 500 code … Continue reading

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