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jquery.bgiframe and IE9 (Win7)

There is a bug in jquery.bgiframe of versions before 2.1.2. The bug occurs in IE9 on Win7. The cause is slightly incorrect regex pattern to test with a user agent string which indicates that this is IE6. The pattern looks … Continue reading

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jQuery.dialog and IE6

I found out a problem with jQuery dialog functionality in the IE6 browser. When you define a modal dialog and open it on your page it adds an empty space to the bottom of the page and scrolls down to … Continue reading

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jQuery UI Datepicker

There is a very useful and easy JavaScript framework called jQuery. I guess many web developers use or know it at least.  It has a lot of plugins, especially UI. One of them is jQuery UI datepicker – a very nice control to … Continue reading

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Javascript Synchronous Post Request

If you would like to submit a synchronous  post request dynamically via Javascript you can use the next function  (taken from Stack Overflow): function post_to_url(path, params, method) { method = method || “post”; var form = document.createElement(“form”); form.setAttribute(“method”, method); form.setAttribute(“action”, path); for(var key … Continue reading

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