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Upgrade TeamCity 5.* to TeamCity 7.*

Recently I moved and upgraded my build server to a new server and a new version. At first, this task looked not obvious without manuals and guidelines. But I found this article¬†¬†which helped me a lot and I was able … Continue reading

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Create an instance with an internal constructor without using ‘new’

It was a surprise for me that Activator.CreateInstance does not create an instance using an internal constructor when its class is declared in another assembly and marked with InternalsVisibleToAttribute pointed to a calling assembly. I’m not sure does it work … Continue reading

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jquery.bgiframe and IE9 (Win7)

There is a bug in jquery.bgiframe of versions before 2.1.2. The bug occurs in IE9 on Win7. The cause is slightly incorrect regex pattern to test with a user agent string which indicates that this is IE6. The pattern looks … Continue reading

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