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Where does ASP .NET site set CurrentCulture and CurrentUICulture be default from?

Answer is: By default, ASP .NET sets CurrentCulture and CurrentUICulture from settings of an identity which is used to run a particular thread for a request. It could be either an application pool identity or a client identity (if impersonation … Continue reading

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Tic-Tac-Toe for Android

Finally the time has come when I do something in Java and different from Windows environment. Thanks to a gift of an Android-based book reader, I was interested in implementing something and going out to public with an application for … Continue reading

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ADO .NET, Export-CSV, required column names (headers)

PowerShell has a very nice cmd-let called Export-CSV. It allows to serialize any .NET object to a csv file. The cmd-let has a heavy usage when you need to export a sql table to a csv file, i.e. an instance … Continue reading

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Query String Culture vs. Form Culture

Story Zero. There are Culture and UICulture principles in .NET. Culture is reponsible for date, time, number, calendars and so on. It requires to have both a language and a region. UICulture is responsible for resources, string and labels on … Continue reading

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