Where to put System.Web.UI.Timer? Inside or outside of UpdatePanel?

If you put the Timer inside a UpdatePanel for asynchronous updates it will be rendered and reinitialized every time the post back is done. A better approach is to place the timer outside of the UpdatePanel (but inside of the same INamingContainer). Then a AsyncPostBackTrigger should be defined with a ControlID of the timer. That’s why we need to place the timer in the same INamingContainer – the Triggers do not support references to outters.

And also it is good to choose an optimized interval. If the timer is initiating a next post back when a previous one runs, the last mentioned one will be cancelled. If you set an interval to a small value it may create a significant traffic and performance hit.  If you set an interval to a large amount of time, the content may become outdated. The happy mean rules

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