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Housekeeping tip: Authorize Wildcards in User and Role Names

ASP .NET MVC Authorization system out of the box is fairly simple. Please do not  confuse Web Forms with MVC. AuthorizeAttribute (concurrently IActionFilter) does not support wildcards like “*” or “?”. Often MVC developers create or already use their own authorization system based … Continue reading

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Where to put System.Web.UI.Timer? Inside or outside of UpdatePanel?

If you put the Timer inside a UpdatePanel for asynchronous updates it will be rendered and reinitialized every time the post back is done. A better approach is to place the timer outside of the UpdatePanel (but inside of the same INamingContainer). Then a AsyncPostBackTrigger should … Continue reading

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LLAWP and reconfiguration of smwebagent.conf

I have written a post some time ago about the LLAWP process and how it could ruin your happy engineer life. There are new news from a front. So again, you have IIS service, Siteminder installed and configured, let’s imagine you need … Continue reading

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