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jQuery.dialog and IE6

I found out a problem with jQuery dialog functionality in the IE6 browser. When you define a modal dialog and open it on your page it adds an empty space to the bottom of the page and scrolls down to … Continue reading

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Cluster Infrastructure

If you are facing performance issues and would like to extend your server-side hardware, a draft of a reliable, scalable solution has been sketched with high uptime and maintainability based on Microsoft technologies.

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IE8 Compatibility Mode

I have an interesting notice on IE8 Compatibility Mode, and would like to share it with you. IE8 Compatibility Mode emulates IE7, not IE6. IE6 is not allowed to be emulated at all. So when you work in Compatibility Mode … Continue reading

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The location of the file or directory ‘*.dll’ is not trusted

If you face such message when you are running MSTest it probably means that you have downloaded an assembly from Internet and its file were marked as ‘Blocked’ to prevent harm to your computer. If you trust the assembly just go … Continue reading

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HandleError and ELMAH

ELMAH is a very-very nice exception reporting tool for ASP .NET websites. It is implemented as an http module. It supports exceptions’ mailing, logging to a database, a file, access exceptions via *.axd handler and many many other things. ELMAH logs all unhandled exception until you filter them in a … Continue reading

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