The Entertaining Sybase. What do LTRIM and RTRIM return?

I have been working with Sybase ASE for a year. And there is a lot of fun with this database and which would like to collect here. What do  LTRIM and RTRIM return in the query?

SELECT [Space R] = RTRIM(' '), [Space L] = LTRIM(' '),
       [Empty R] = RTRIM(''), [Empty L] = LTRIM('')


ASE Version:


Adaptive Server Enterprise/15.0.3/EBF 17769 ESD#4/P/Sun_svr4/OS 5.8/ase1503/2768/64-bit/FBO/Thu Aug 26 15:08:16 2010

It returns all nulls!

 Space R     Space L     Empty R     Empty L
 ----------  ----------  ----------  ----------
 (null)         (null)         (null)          (null)

Probably this is because of Sybase treats strings differently. Sybase stores null strings as empty strings, and empty strings as one-whitespace strings.

Note: MS SQL works as I expected. It returns the empty strings for the query above. Looks sanely for me. The question is: who is insane here?

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