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Get Random Records from a Table (Sybase)

To get random records from a table in Sybase, you can use NEWID() function in ORDER BY clause. The function returns a unique and random global identifier (GUID). Example: SELECT TOP 100 * FROM dbo.Data ORDER BY NEWID() Advertisements

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Where does IIS6 store its configuration backups?

IIS 6 allows you to back up/restore a current server configuration. There are an iisback.vbs script or IIS Manager which allow you to work with backups. But both tools do not give you an access to back up files located on … Continue reading

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The Entertaining Sybase. What do LTRIM and RTRIM return?

I have been working with Sybase ASE for a year. And there is a lot of fun with this database and which would like to collect here. What do  LTRIM and RTRIM return in the query? SELECT [Space R] = RTRIM(‘ … Continue reading

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IMAP via Telnet

There are cases when you want to check a mailbox, simply, do credentials are valid, how many folders does a mailbox have. And mailbox’s server exposes IMAP protocol to communicate with.  You can use Outlook, Thunderbird, etc. But sometimes you … Continue reading

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jQuery UI Datepicker

There is a very useful and easy JavaScript framework called jQuery. I guess many web developers use or know it at least.  It has a lot of plugins, especially UI. One of them is jQuery UI datepicker – a very nice control to … Continue reading

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