Lukianol.Arguments. Dynamic Support

I continue to work with the Lukianol.Arguments API. If you might notice it is very ugly when you want to get typed arguments from a result:


A lot of letters as for me. What could we do here?

We can gain from C# 4.0 dynamic objects! I have simply inherited ArgumentParserResult from the DynamicObject and overridden the TryGetMember method where  a value is returned by a property name from an underlying arguments’ dictionary. Check this test with the described functional presentation:

        public void DynamicArgumentsParserResultShouldWork()
            var args = new List<string>

            var map = new ArgumentsMap()

            var parser = new ArgumentParser(map);

            var result = parser.ParseAsDynamicResult(args);

            TimeSpan timeout = result.Timeout;

            Assert.AreEqual(TimeSpan.FromSeconds(5), timeout);

You can find the Lukianol.Arguments at CodePlex

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