Wildcard string comparison

I found that there is no built-in wildcard comparison in .NET. Or I have not found. Anyway I have created an extension method for a string to compare with a wildcard pattern which uses the ‘*’ and ‘?’ wildcards. The code is below

/// Extensions for the wildcard comparison
public static class WildcardExtensions
    /// This method compares a string with wildcard pattern
    /// A string
    /// A wildcard pattern
    /// True if a string matches a pattern otherwise false
    public static bool WildcardCompare(this string input, string  wildcardPattern)
        var escaped = Regex.Escape(wildcardPattern);
        escaped = escaped.Replace("\\*", ".*").Replace("\\?", ".?");
        escaped = String.Concat("^", escaped, "$");
        return Regex.IsMatch(input, escaped);
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