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MVC View Compilation

To generate views’ code during compilation of ASP .NET MVC 2 application, its project file (*.csproj) should contain next (the rest has been omitted): Advertisements

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TortoiseSVN. Proxy settings per domain basis

If you use the TortoiseSVN client Рand have repository servers at both internet and intranet

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Lukianol.Arguments. Dynamic Support

I continue to work with the Lukianol.Arguments API. If you might notice it is very ugly when you want to get typed arguments from a result: result.GetValue<bool>(“UseProxy”) result.GetValue<TimeSpan>(“timeout”) A lot of letters as for me. What could we do here?

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Unit Testing. NUnit

My preferable unit testing framework is NUnit (as for the most of the people around, is not it?). It is from a family of xUnit. The framework is easy to use for either simple tests or more complex test suites.

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Application Arguments. Fluent. CodePlex

I have decided to get a deal with annoying application arguments. Those arguments you work with when creating various console applications. For your utilities, or for long-term tests and attempts.

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