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Javascript Synchronous Post Request

If you would like to submit a synchronous  post request dynamically via Javascript you can use the next function  (taken from Stack Overflow): function post_to_url(path, params, method) { method = method || “post”; var form = document.createElement(“form”); form.setAttribute(“method”, method); form.setAttribute(“action”, path); for(var key … Continue reading

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ASP .NET MVC View Names Conflict

For example, if you would like to render a view in ASP .NET MVC you can call such method <% Html.RenderPartial(“MyViewName”); %> The default behavior is to look into a controller view folder and if it is not there look into ‘Shared’ … Continue reading

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Invalid signature for Setup or TearDown method

I have faced a problem with NUnit test library which ignores all test on running with the message “Invalid signature for Setup or TearDown method”.  The problem was with their access modifiers. They were private. The answer is also at … Continue reading

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