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Double vs Decimal

The double type is 64 bit floating point value. The range of values is from ±5.0 × 10−324 to ±1.7 × 10308 with 15-16 digits for its precision. On other hand the decimal value is 128 bit data type. The range of values is from ±1.0 × 10−28 to … Continue reading

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When does T-SQL SUM() aggregation function return (null)? A selected set is empty All items are nulls in a selected set If there is a mix of nulls and values in a selected set, nulls are ignored

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Powershell Version

If you would like to find out the current Powershell version, use a predefined variable $Host which exposes a ‘Version’ property of type System.Version > $Host.Version

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T-SQL one line comments

I have aT-SQL script (for Sybase) which contains two slashes one line comments. The script works pretty well at Aqua Data Studio 4.7.2. But when I am running it calling Sybase.AdoNet2.AseClient.dll API it fails with message ‘ Incorrect syntax near “/” … Continue reading

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